Alaska moose hunt,sam stukel (4)
Cope's Gray Treefrog,sam stukel,2019_9
Triathlon swimmer diving in
Alaskan bald eagle,sam stukel (2)
Alaska moose hunt,sam stukel (5)
Flooded farm
Alaska halibut,sam stukel
Northern (virile) crayfish
Winter scene on the Missouri River
Sunlight Basin in Wyoming
Baranof Island,sam stukel
ice,tailrace,dec 2015_4
Alaskan bald eagle,sam stukel (1)
MT sheep,camp stars
Alaska moose hunt,sam stukel (1)
ice,tailrace,dec 2015
Dragonfly on mulberry limb
Summer fun on the Missouri
Alaska moose hunt,sam stukel (6)
Absaroka Mountains, WY
LC,winter,gavins,dec 16 2015 (10)
Missouri River evening
Frosty marsh
Fire in the sky
Lewis and Clark Lake
Stockade Lake in the Black Hills
Lewis and Clark Marina
Dramatic skies over the Missouri
Hunting guide and his trusty partner
Sunset at Bloomfield Access
Ice on Lewis and Clark Lake
End of the hunt.
Meridian Bridge morning
Waiting in the fog.
Lewis and Clark Lake Marina
Ft. Randall Dam tugboat and barge
Calumet Bluff
Ice on the river
Reflective Rock
Ice Mirror
South Dakota pheasant hunting.
Last cast
Windmill scene
Peaceful schoolhouse
pheasants forever add,2015_2
Elk Camp in the WY wilderness
cottonwood,hatchery (3).jpg
North Fork of the Shoshone
Gavins Point Dam evening
South Dakota pheasant hunt
Shell Lake - Cloud Peak Wilderness
Lewis and Clark Lake Ice
Lake Pactola
Evening flurries
Pheasant hunting

© Sam Stukel Photography.

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